Yoga and Wellness
Cabo Serai’s pure surroundings that promote a blissful environment
for relaxation and rejuvenation. From yoga classes by highly
acclaimed teachers to Ayurvedic massages, our wellness
programmes cater to and can be uniquely curated to accommodate
every guest’s individual needs.

Daily yoga classes are held on request at our yoga shalas situated in
our flourishing coconut grove and on the hilltop.
Our unique space is also open to Yoga and wellness retreats guided
by you. If you are a yoga teacher and would like a serene space to
conduct your programme then we, at Cabo Serai would love to share
our space with you. Our chefs can enhance your programme by
preparing meals based on Sattvic philosophy.
Cabo Serai can comfortably accommodate groups of up to 21 people
or more through neighbouring resorts – just a few minutes from Cabo Serai.

A feeling of well-being surrounds you at Cabo Serai. To promote a
heightened sense of wellness, we encourage you to meditate and
spend time soaked in nature. Assisted meditation can be arranged in
a setting of your choice.

Wellness cooking with our chefs
Our chefs are experts of wellness cooking; and to learn the art of
wellness cooking and some of their recipes, is an experience you can
cherish lifelong.