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Yoga retreat at Beach Resort

The Yoga retreat that I took part in at Cabo Serai was an experience that I’ll never forget. As a yoga practitioner, I’ve been to retreats across the country, practicing asanas in a variety of locations with many different teachers. But yet, this retreat at the stunning Cabo Serai was different. For morning sessions we’d do our practice in an earthy shala barely 5 metres from the beach. Shavasana to the sound of crashing waves was pure bliss. After class all of us would hop over to the beach and take a dip in the cool blue sea of south Goa. Moments like those made me feel more connected to Mother Nature than ever before! During the day we were offered delicious nutritious food based on Ayurvedic principles, and our evenings were spent with yoga sessions on the absolutely spectacular yoga deck on the Cabo Serai’s very own cliff. What an absolutely spellbinding experience it was to do our asanas overlooking the Cabo de Rama coastline, the striking blue ocean, the coconut grove below, and the lush forest all around. Doing our asanas to calls of the white bellied sea eagle, and meditating with only sounds of the forest was an experience I’ll never forget. The view is to die for!

The yoga retreat at Cabo Serai has been an unforgettable experience for me, I’ve made friendships for a lifetime, and I can’t thank the Cabo team for their hospitality.

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Yoga Retreat