The various trails at Cabo Serai take you past secluded beaches,
winding streams, through dense forest, hidden caves and forts.

Forest bathing
Immerse yourself in a silent walk on gentle slopes, by meandering
streams and through verdant tropical forests while exploring your
inner self. This healing journey promotes a feeling of well-being, a
closeness to nature experienced by soaking in the sounds, smells
and sights of the virgin surroundings of Cabo Serai. The ideal time
for these guided walks is sunrise and sunset.

Heritage Walk
Delve into the history of Goa by exploring this 19 th century Portugese
fortress that also served as a government prison. The ramparts of
Cabo de Rama fort offer stunning views of the Arabian sea and is a
popular spot for viewing the Indo Asian humpback dolphin.
Another walk leads you to Betul fort and lighthouse. Built by Shivaji
on the mouth of the river Sal, the Betul fort is an ideal setting to
witness fisherman returning from sea with fresh catch. 5 minutes
away and a short trek takes you to the Betul lighthouse where you
can enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of the coastline,
rivers and surrounding hills.

Village Tour
A peek into the daily life of a local fishing community and farmers
around Cabo Serai. Visit a temple and church, observe rural
occupational activities, welcome fisherman as they return with their
catch of the day or simply walk around while interacting with the
village folk.