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Cabo Serai: The Hidden South

Goa’s southern coastal roads are some of the best in India, perfectly charming as they meander through quiet tree-lined villages with a sublime promise of virginal sands at the end. Driving them offers a kind of meditative feeling and recently they took me to a gorgeous hospitality gem, somewhere in the unknown.

It was after dark when a member of staff met us along the narrow route to the famed centuries-old Cabo de Rama fort where daytime views are as majestic as they come. On the open terrain that runs along the cliff, we parked and walked on the banks of the nearby river, taking a golf buggy through the property to our villa. And there we were at Cabo Serai!
A mix of luxury tents and cottages were silhouetted in the shadows, as Cabo Serai brings sustainable hospitality into focus. The ‘barefoot luxury’ allows guests to connect intimately with nature, particularly the spectacular views of the Arabian Sea and in the midst of lush greenery while enjoying the plush comforts of supersoft beds, bespoke décor, beautiful workspace, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

From each cottage or tent, guests wake up to a vision of paradise out across the expansive ocean as the tropical sea breeze and the peaceful sound of lapping waves wafts in from outdoors. The designs of both are spacious, airy and well laid-out, with excellent outdoor areas perfect for bird watching, yoga, meditation or even just lounging and sunbathing.

It’s an exquisite feeling to wake up to the twittering of birds as you catch the first rays of sun rising slowly above the cliffs with a cup of steaming, locally sourced, organic coffee. The panoramic views of the surrounding forest, sheer drop off Cabo de Rama and the azure waters of the Arabian sea are simply arresting.

For breakfast, we dug heartily into fresh fruit juices and village eggs, getting energised to venture out and explore the beautiful surroundings. Hotel manager Pawan took the liberty of packing a delightful little picnic that we could take to the beach.

We strolled off in the certain knowledge that we had seen this beach before, only to be pleasantly surprised by a virginal strip of sand that – although energized deserted on a regular day – was dotted with local families enjoying the quality time together.

With steep cliffs just beyond the sand and swaying coconut groves, Cabo de Rama is an extraordinarily picturesque place. Its cove-like layout makes it an ideal place for a dip, but it’s wise to avoid swimming too near the rocks, particularly this close to the monsoons. We enjoyed a cooling dip before spending the day soaking up the summer sun and getting our tans on fleek.
We returned in time to enjoy sunset from the cliffs at Cabo Serai, sipping on sundowners and taking in the gorgeous views available from pretty much anywhere on the property. In addition, guests can engage in a variety of activities at the hotel, including bird watching. It’s possible to spot as many as 85 different species of forest and marine birds here, with the hotel’s location offering an excellent vantage point. A local guide accompanies guests to help pick the birds out.
Guests can also take walks along nature trails to secluded beaches, winding streams, dense forests, and hidden caves. These are truly Instagram-worthy moments, bringing you in awe of nature and strengthening your urge to protect this pristine gem.
Cabo Serai also offers yoga classes with experts and Ayurvedic massages, all tailored to individual needs if required. In fact, the hotel is an excellent place for yoga and wellness retreats, being able to comfortably accommodate up to 21 people, and offering the perfect location to relax and invigorate both the body and mind.
After the sunset, the flickering lights of dozens of candles warmed the scene, creating a truly romantic atmosphere. We enjoyed the company of the other hotel guests as we all sat around a communal table, a set up that ensured new friends were made by the end of the night.
Through the meal, we enjoyed delicious cocktails and some fresh prawn and vegetable dishes cooked in the local tradition. For dessert, the chef made a very refreshing mango sorbet.
Cabo Serai is one of the few remaining hidden getaways left in Goa, a place I would love to have all to myself now and again. It will be an absolute must-visit on my next trip down south.

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