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Butterflies at Cabo Serai – Goa

When was the last time you or your kids trailed butterflies? Unfortunately, manic city life is entirely devoid of such simple pleasures.


Butterflies’ short life span makes them very sensitive to changes in their environment and thus, they are reliable indicators of slightest changes in climate. They are seldom seen in concrete jungles, abounding only in healthy, naturally rich eco- systems.


I witnessed a plethora of butterflies and gorgeous moths while walking around the pathways of Cabo Serai, that are dotted with wildflowers. These wildflowers, that have been beautifully preserved by the resort, attract many species of birds, butterflies and bees. I call them “fluttering fairies”; spreading joy and colour to weary souls and lending their vibrancy to the gorgeous native forest at this eco-friendly resort in the heart of southern Goa.


Here are some beauties that I managed to capture, and trailing them through this biodiverse landscape was such a joy, that I thoroughly enjoyed indulging in.

Southern Birdwing:
Southern Birdwing

Southern Birdwing or Shayadri Birdwing is the second largest butterfly in India and is endemic to South India. It has a wingspan of 140 to 190 mm making it larger than some small birds like certain sunbirds and flycatchers. This one kept me company while I was devouring a delicious lunch at the restaurant.

Crimson Rose Butterfly:
Crimson Rose Butterflies
Crimson rose is a large swallowtail butterfly. Seen here is a mating pair.

Grey Pansy Butterfly:
Grey Pansy Butterfly

Common Tiger Butterfly:
Common Tiger Butterfly
Common tiger butterflies flock on nectar bearing flowering plants. They are tough to kill and unpleasant to taste so the often fake death to fool their predator.

Atlas moth:
Atlas moth
This gorgeous moth has a wingspan of 24 Cms.

Pea Blue Butterfly:
Pea Blue Butterfly

Jezebel Butterfly:
Jezebel Butterfly
Such vibrant colours.

Grey Count Butterfly:
Grey Count Butterfly

Luna Moth:
Luna Moth
Luna moth almost nearing its end.

Agathia Laetata:

When the spirit of nature touches us, our hearts turn into a butterfly.
Mehmet Murat ildan

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